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Stay-At-Home Scarface

Image of Stay-At-Home Scarface

FINALLY: A Coloring & Activity Book for Gangster Parents!

Everyone thought Tony Montana died when his mansion was raided, but it takes more than being shot in the back and falling off a balcony to stop ol’ Scarface. So what really happened to Tony? He retired from the drug game and became a stay-at-home dad. Say hello to Tony’s new little friend: His newborn son! In this adult activity storybook, Tony now has mountains of baby powder on his desk, and when he takes someone for a ride, it’s the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. The only thing that gives Tony orders is babies. Babies, you got that?


"Stay at Home Scarface is f***ing brilliant. Every stay at home dad with kingpin dreams should own this." -- Combat Jack, The Combat Jack Show

"Kenny Keil is one of MAD's funniest writers. Granted, that's a low bar, but you should buy this book anyway!"

―John Ficcara, Editor-in-Chief, MAD Magazine

"A genre-blurring and gut-busting experience that employs coloring, activities, and comics to evoke all the anguish and elation of modern-day gangster parenting." -- ―Patrick Reed, Depth of Field, ComicsAlliance

"Tony is babysitting my kids right now!"

―Big Boi, Outkast